Pharmasol has over 30 years of experience
in contract manufacturing for a wide range of pharmaceutical clients.

We specialise in pharmaceutical aerosols and pump spray technology,
including foams and topical sprays;
as well as a range of liquid and semi solid dosage forms.


Contract Manufacturing

A range of manufacturing vessels are available capable of handling up to 2000litre batch size.

Filling facilities include
Two aerosol lines capable of filling a wide range of canister sizes with various hydrocarbon propellants available.
An aerosol line for non-hydrocarbon propellant filling, capable of filling canisters or bottles.
Two pump spray lines capable of filling glass or plastic containers with crimp or screw closures
Semi solids: capability to fill plastic tubes from 2.5g fill and metal tubes from 5g fill, both up to 100g fill.
Liquids: a range of filling options in glass and plastic from 5ml to 2 litres.

Contact us

Contact us

For business development enquiries:

Anastasia Loftus, Business Development
Email: anastasia.loftus@ps-nw.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1928 502 244

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